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A variety of classes in many levels and styles of yoga, meditation techniques and pranayama practices as well as positive quotes, messages, mantras, affirmations and self-care suggestions. Tons of videos loaded and more to come!!

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Step 1: Join Vimeo (it’s free) at

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Step 3: Send e-transfer to *enter your Vimeo user name in the memo (also, send me an email if you don’t receive emails from me)

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$100 for a 6 month membership (1 month is free!!) (from date of sign-up)

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IMPORTANT: Please remember to listen to your body! Yoga is about increasing your body awareness and respecting any limits that your body can present on any given day. Respect the limits, don’t push past them, and observe how they can change. Remember that every body is different and everyone is on their own path. Whether you are new at yoga or any movement or you have bad knees or you are pregnant or simply tired, etc, etc, etc,

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

About Tracy

Tracy Koluk

Tracy’s yoga journey started many years ago. A friend/co-worker talked Tracy into her first yoga class in 2002. She agreed to go to get some exercise but soon understood the benefit yoga gave her on the physical level. After suffering from headaches and back and neck problems from a car accident years ago, she couldn